The Puddles of Fun Preschool Curriculum (P.F.C.)

The P.F.C. Is a child centered program that nurtures each child by
offering carefully selected and carefully sequenced learning
experiences.  It provides a wealth of materials and ideas to foster
the social-emotional, intellectual, and physical development of
children.  At the same time, it nurtures the natural curiosity and
sense of self that can serve as the foundation for a lifetime of

The lesson format is designed to present information in a way that
makes it easy for children to learn.  The cycle is modeled on
knowledge gained from the latest neuroscience research.  
Intelligence is, in large part, our ability to see patterns and build
relationships out of those patterns, which is why the P.F.C. Is
focused on helping children see the patterns in what they are
learning.  It builds an understanding of how newly taught material
resembles what children already know.  Then, it takes the
differences in the new material and helps the children convert them
into new understanding.   

The aspect of the P.F.C. Is designed to make learning instinctive.  
Circle Time at the beginning and end of each day helps children
focus on the learning process, reflect on new concepts, and make
important connections.  The practice portions of the lessons are
designed to allow children to apply what they have learned.  
Neuroscience research reveals that unless knowledge is applied
within twenty-four hours of its introduction, it will probably have to
be relearned.  

The early years, birth to age six, are the most fertile years in an
individual’s life for developing language skills.  So lessons in the
P.F.C. are focused on language acquisition and those all-important
early reading skills.  With the right foundation, reading success is
only a matter of maturation.  

For children to grow intellectually, they must feel confident in their
abilities and secure in their relationships with teachers, family
members, and peers.  The
P.F.C. addresses social-emotional development in a number of ways.  
It is included in every lesson (via positive reinforcement), built into
content connections (via interactive activities), and inherent in the
way families are actively involved in the Puddles of Fun Preschool