S.T.E.M. in Preschool
S.T.E.M Learning:

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  

Teacher assisting in this teaching method.  For the most part, the children will be given a challenge to
complete, teacher will assist in documenting/writting
for the children:

1. Ask a Question
2. Research
3. Hypothesize
4. Experiment
5. Analyze
6. Make a Conclusion

    These above items are the basis for S.T.E.M.
    Learning.  Most makeup a part of the lesson.  The
    children will be very busy learning and loving every
    moment of all the fun activities.

    The main skill here is: "
Critical Thinking" -        
to solve a problem/complete a task.  The children will
work independently until help is needed.  
This could be group help by other children or help by
the teacher.