Why Puddles of Fun?
The Puddles of Fun Preschool is a learning center who
specializes in Early Literacy Skills.  Our curriculum
program introduces children to:

Pre-writing Skills
Letters and Phonics
Numbers and Patterning
Basic Math Skills
Social Studies
Painting & Crafts
Introduction to Technology "Tablets" NEW!

All of the materials included in your child’s learning
program are
age appropriate materials specifically
designed to engage your preschooler in his/her early
learning fun.  Instructional teaching is introduced with
extreme fun and play.  Because our program involves a
small group of children per teacher, your child is sure to
receive all the personal attention needed to grasp new
concepts and move on to the next level.  The Puddles of
Fun Preschool prides itself on giving your child just the
right teaching tools to learn and achieve all necessary
skills to succeed in his/her early elementary school
years.  The Puddles of Fun Preschool also stresses
upon a strong self-esteem.  Each child is encouraged to
succeed and no matter what level a child is succeeding
to achieve at, he/she is rewarded in ways that just
continually boosts their self-esteem.

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